Supplements I Take


I have been asked to post the supplements and why I take them.  Here is what I take.  Please do research and ask your doctor about these supplements before you take any. V D3 - A lot of people with MS are difficient in vit d.  While it is better to get it from the sun, most MSers are heat intolerant.  I overheat very easily in the Texas sun. Vit C - I know potty talk is not something people like to talk about, but we all eat.  We also all … [Read more...]

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Many of you may know me as the anti-medication.  I have not gone on any meds in 24 years.   I did take OTC meds when I first married Kristi, taking up to 8 Advil and 12 Tums per day, but she got me off of those pronto. She taught me so much about medication and its side effects.  That is what got me started looking into herbs to help with M.S. pains. When my mother-in-law told me about LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone), I looked it up by the call … [Read more...]

My Battle With Gallbladder Issues


From time to time in my journey of dealing with MS, my gallbladder has caused some pretty serious issues.   But for the longest time, we had no idea it was my gallbladder. I remember visiting my in-laws one time, and not being able to get up off the floor after I had fallen.  We had no clue as to what was happening to me.  I was losing strength, and found myself having to rush to the bathroom. At this point we had not accepted embraced that … [Read more...]

Kristi’s Lentil Soup

lentil soup

Since cold weather is on the way, Kristi and I wanted to share one of our favorite meals.  In fact, these lentils just might be our absolute favorite meal. Kristi has never really been a person who liked beans.  I am a different story.  Beans have been a staple food in my life for  over 30 years.  While Kristi could never really get past the texture of beans (she has to smash them with a fork in order to be able to eat them), she still made … [Read more...]

My Workouts

side raises

My original plan was to blog about a new healthy ice cream recipe that I came across, but I won't have a good picture of it till next week.  The same goes for the lentil soup recipe, so this week, I want to share about the exercise I've been doing. Exercise for people in  wheelchairs is very limited.  I have been trying to push myself around more by taking on my new gardening hobby and going outside more.  One thing that we think is vital to … [Read more...]

The Duh Moment


One thing that Kristi has heard me talk a lot about is having a hobby or some activity that gives me a sense of worth.  This is something that is important to me, and it may be to others who are disabled.  Problem is that a lot of times I feel like an invalid who can't do  anything by himself.  The sad part is that I then act as if that is true. I am  partially abled.  I am NOT an invalid.  I just need to find the hobby that would give me the … [Read more...]

Frustrating and Discouraging Moments…


Kristi and I have seen some really encouraging improvements in my health over the last four months.  As of today, we have completed 123 days on our life changing diet plans.  But this week, we hit a bit of a speed bump.  After watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I decided that I wanted to do a juice fast, so Kristi has been juicing three times a day.  But this week, I realized that a juice fast probably isn't the best thing … [Read more...]

Crisis Narrowly Averted

wheelchair ramp

Matt and I have a wheelchair ramp outside our front door. It's small. It's metal. And every time he comes in or goes out the door, it makes a loud scraping sound on the paved sidewalk just outside our front door. (And yes, it's always that messy. That's where I drag my saws, hammers, glue, and other tools to in order to work on projects for our condo and for my A2D blog. Anywhoo...) In the past, I've always had to help Matt get in … [Read more...]

Our Store-Bought Bacon Purge


Kristi and I have been following an 85% juice lifestyle for several weeks now.  Today we are completing day #101 of our complete diet overhaul.  Prior to the beginning of this year, we tried various diets like the Atkins diet, but always went back to eating horribly.  Now we have been on a diet that is making both Kristi and I lose weight, and I am gaining strength left and right. So what's our problem?  We stopped juicing for two days, ate … [Read more...]

A Day With MS


What's it like to have MS? The truth is, I don't feel sick because I don't understand I am sick.  In fact, I have to ask Kristi often what the symptoms are that she sees in me and if they are improving or not.  Recently, I thought that maybe my legs have been getting worse, but there are a few factors I have to consider.  Like the fact that I fell within the last day, and that is hard on my legs and back, or the fact that I am I working myself … [Read more...]