Our Store-Bought Bacon Purge


Kristi and I have been following an 85% juice lifestyle for several weeks now.  Today we are completing day #101 of our complete diet overhaul.  Prior to the beginning of this year, we tried various diets like the Atkins diet, but always went back to eating horribly.  Now we have been on a diet that is making both Kristi and I lose weight, and I am gaining strength left and right. So what's our problem?  We stopped juicing for two days, ate … [Read more...]

Welcome To Deflate The Mate!

matt and kristi

We're thrilled that you're here!  Whether you're here because you know us personally, or whether you arrived here from Kristi's Addicted 2 Decorating blog, or whether you just randomly stumbled upon our little blog, we hope you'll find something here that interests you and encourages you. Here's our story in a nutshell (and we'll be cracking the nutshell open in a later post): We have been married for nine years.  Right from the start, we … [Read more...]